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Episode 24 – Starting 2021 Right Without ‘Head Trash’

The New Year is a time when most people evaluate their lives and look to make changes. If you were asked if you would like to grow your business by 25 to 50% this year, what would your answer be? Now, what if you were asked how you were going to do that?  If you are unsure, do not worry! 

Today, Matt DiFrancesco discusses a topic that he loves speaking about with his clients, to help them get on the right path to reach their goals for the year. In this episode Matt speaks about how you can change your mindset so the resolutions you make in January last all year long! 

In this episode, we discuss and review:

  • Beliefs: what are the truths in your life, and asking the right questions to determine them
  • Values: managing positive and negative emotions, and the triggers that bring them on
  • Self Image: what do you see vs. what do you want to see
  • Internal Dialogue: the conversations in our heads 
  • And more!

Tune in to understand what the different aspects of mindset are and how understanding them can help you achieve your goals for 2021.

Resources: DiFrancesco Virtual Family Office | Matt DiFrancesco

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Episode 22 – Advanced Business Planning Strategies – with Guest Kate Seastone

A better financial business strategy can set your business, your employees, and your family up for a successful future. 

In this episode, Matt DiFranceso is joined with guest Kate Seastone, as they uncover how business planning and business strategies can get you on the right path to reaching your goals toward retirement. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Kate’s journey to finding her niche in advanced business planning 
  • The benefits of implementing one of Kate’s strategies into your business 
  • How Kate’s strategies might compliment pre existing plans of business owners
  • Challenges Kate faces while being a business owner and a mom and how she overcomes those
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how Kate’s advanced business strategies might benefit you as a business owner, and what these strategies might look like in action.

Resources: DiFrancesco Virtual Family Office | Matt DiFrancesco | Kate Seastone