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34. Cross-Border Wealth Management With Jennifer Patterson

Have you ever dreamed of packing up your family and heading across seas? Or maybe your work is already taking you there! Whatever the case, it is vital for you to understand what is going to happen with your finances when you make the move.

In this episode, Matt DiFrancesco is joined with Jennifer Patterson, managing partner of Patterson Partners Ltd, as they discuss the complex issues facing your finances when you move out of the country. The duo dive into how your planning might change in regards to dual or tri citizenship status and how to keep everything on track to reaching your goals. 

Jennifer discusses:

  • The journey that led to Patterson Partners Ltd and her passion for working with expats
  • How financial planning changes when you cross borders
  • Challenges that families face as a result of changing citizenship 
  • The process that Patterson Partners Ltd uses to assist families navigate the challenges in moving out of the country
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Jennifer has personal experience with the life and technical financial planning challenges for multinational families. Jennifer leads workshops online around the world on topics relating to her belief that we all can consciously design a luxury lifestyle today in which we live, work, play and make a difference in more than one country. Jennifer’s mission is to help successful individuals figure out where they fit into the global opportunities of today and to demystify and simplify the complexities of international personal finance.

33. The Biggest Cost To Employers – Healthcare Plans With Kimberly Volk

When it comes to costs to your business, healthcare plans can have some of the biggest impacts. You need to be sure that you are creating plans that are going to benefit your employees, while also making sense financially.

In this episode, Matt DiFrancesco is joined with Kimberly Volk, small business consultant at The Health Insurance Place, as they discuss healthcare plan options for business owners. Kimberly shares what is available at The Health Insurance Place, and how plans can be made to fit the needs of businesses. 

Kimberly discusses:

  • What sets The Health Insurance Place apart from their competitors
  • The process Kimberly and her team follow to find the right plans for business owners
  • How The Health Insurance Place assists when it comes to compliance
  • The software available to business owners to help with healthcare plan design
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Kimberly is seasoned in client management and benefit consultation. Through her role as a small business consultant, Kimberly helps clients access the information they need to make good decisions regarding insurance.