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Episode 19 – Women as Leaders in Business — with Guests Amy Bradley, Beth Walker and Britt Schroeder, Part 1

Historically, business has been a “man’s world” but women are making leaps and bounds to break the glass ceiling to become leaders and titans of business and industry. 

In this episode, Matt DiFrancesco is joined by Amy Bradley, Beth Walker and Britt Schroeder, leading female entrepreneurs with experiences in various industries. They discuss several opportunities and challenges that women face in the ever-changing business world.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the growing participation of women in new businesses, the franchise world and the financial services industry
  • The power of having your own business which can enable you to put more focus on your work-life balance
  • How you can overcome the fear of losing what you have to pursue your inner passion
  •  And more!

Tune in now to listen to the experiences of several women who have found success in the business world! 

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